Wavmixer is proud to present the new LIGHTWAV turn signal/parking light. This unique electron activated, photon generating, digitally controlled, non-filament, signal device is powered by the brightest 5mm LEDs available. It replaces the inferior incandescent bulbs found in most automobiles, yet mounts inside your stock turn signal housing for a truly stealth like appearance. If you decide to install your LIGHTWAV into a pair of Euro clear housings, you will have a truly unique mod that will catch the attention of all other motorists on the road.

 Each of the megebrite LEDs have an luminosity output of 7,000 MCD for the turn signal function and parking lights. I am having these specially made for this light by a company in Hong Kong and they are not available anywhere else. But the fun doesn't stop there! With a twist of the digital control knob that can be mounted inside the car, you have several patterns to choose from. Of coarse there is the famous Knight Rider pattern which is found in the Wavmixer NiteRider brake light, plus several other patterns such as the sequential pattern reminiscent of the Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar tail lights of the 60's and 70's. To further define your lighting experience, there is also a speed control mounted next to the pattern selection switch. This will allow you to fine tune the pattern of your choice for your car and your taste, all from the comfort of the driver seat.

 You have the option to purchase the kit and install it yourself (requires cutting your stock or after market turn signal housing open, mount the LIGHTWAV, then put the housing back together making sure to seal it water tight), or you can purchase a pair of Euro style clear front turn signals with the LIGHTWAV already mounted in the housing ready to install (2000 thru 2002 only).